February 26, 2016



The Key Group provides political advice for those who want to advance their political agendas. In general, politics is a hard subject to deal with, but an attractive one, too. The difficulty lies in central concepts fashioned as disputes about ideas and values between opposing parties. The attraction lies in promises of deep understanding of the values at stake in daily struggle and defense of causes that are dear to us.

In our view, politics is vital in human lives. It is ubiquitous, in the very air we breathe. Whatever else politics might be, it is a human activity. Human beings are, as Aristotle said, “political animals.” Not only must people deal with each other in order to survive, but their moral values and intellectual faculties can only develop in association and interaction with each other.

Politics is also about different principles, plagued by disagreements over values and ways of life. Problems of diverse political values arose with the dawn of civilization. People’s minds, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes were forged in fire and shaped on the anvil of contested ideas. Each political view recommends very different way of life, thinking, and action. As a result, sometimes people with different political views constantly disagree about how they perceive the world and each other. For thousands of years, competing political ideals were often debated and used with reasonable, civic, democratic, and peaceful manner. By contrast, sometimes these views turned out rough, repugnant, vicious, “nasty, brutish,” resulting in bloody violence and deadly wars. Politics is a dynamic and unending human activity. Its allure is interesting, and sometimes exciting and tempting.

Politics continually evolves. It arises in particular historical circumstances, takes shape and changes in response to changes in human circumstances. That sometimes leads to perplexing results. People always disagree, debate, and deliberate issues of central importance to them and their values. They argue over political values, ideas, power, resources, rule, order, and governance. In short, people still grapple with the problems of politics as they have for thousands of years and as they will continue for as long as they exist.

In that respect, politics is an effective process of statecraft and human association as people try to shape and direct social and political change. They promote and follow political ideas to make sense of the world, to understand society and economics in order effect change for the better or to resist change they believe will make life worse. To act upon the world in this way, they must react to the changes that take place, including the changes brought about by nature and by their rivals. Frustrated by the dynamic nature of politics, people do everything possible to understand, evaluate, and shape or reshape their social and political environment.

At the heart of politics lie hard choices and tough decisions. In politics, policymakers are seldom satisfied merely with understanding political issues; they also want to make informed judgments about political decisions and political objectives. So, for better or worse, they must deal with everyday public issues. In the policymaking process, people encounter big moments, crises and other dilemmas. They must anticipate and resolve complicated political implications. No doubt, dealing with such challenges requires incisive perception, excellent reasoning, and sound judgment.

Good political judgment can help to avoid crisis and bring stability and prosperity. Poor judgment can cause disasters, destruction, and human misery. The political choices and decisions that people make̶; and how they handle them̶ will affect human lives and shape their future landscapes. Politics, in this sense, is an exceptionally difficult subject, and hard to practice as well. Yet, despite its difficulties, no one with a passion for politics can be detached from or shun everyday public affairs. To that end, we at The Key Group are highly committed to the political success of our clients.

We are uniquely qualified to address the needs of complex modern political affairs. Whether our clients intend to preserve or introduce new ideas and values, campaign for specific policies or endeavor for power, we are at their side. In short, we have exceptional ability to provide our clients with the best political advice they need.

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