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Key Group is a strategic political & corporate consulting firm.

We provide exceptional advice for governments and corporations. We are innovative and constructive problem solvers. Our attention centers upon our clients whose success is our priority. We pay extra attention to their needs and provide them with the best solutions. Our contemporary world constantly changes, and so, too, are governments and corporations in continuous flux. Such perpetual fluctuations can trouble, exhaust and even impede success. Survival and growth depend upon coping with such change. The Key Group knows how to grapple with the difficult and perplexing political and corporate issues of our time. We know how to step into a particularly challenging position and think of a problem in terms of total concepts, set priorities, and plan for tangible and practical actions. The Key Group is best prepared to deal with political and corporate hurdles. Where others see complexity, we see opportunity and success. Read more...

  • Innovative
  • Tenacious
  • Problem Solving
  • Results Oriented

The Key Group is your right choice to manage your political and corporate ambitions. Whether your problems and intentions are big or small, simple or complex, we have a solution for you, designed and tailored according to your needs and aspirations. We will do everything possible to help you succeed.


The Key Group provides political advice for those who want to advance their political agendas. In general, politics is a hard subject to deal with, but an attractive one, too. The difficulty lies in central concepts fashioned as disputes about ideas and values between opposing parties. The attraction lies in promises of deep understanding of the values at stake in daily struggle and defense of causes that are dear to us. Read more...
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Corporations operate in a rapidly changing environment. Trends in simple to complex ideas have changed how corporations function and operate. In particular, the explosion of information technology has transformed business. It has created needs for new ideas and methods of problem solving. To survive and thrive, corporations must respond to these evolving demands and new threats. Read more...

We are the KEY to your success. We will help you to move your objectives forward and keep them alive and growing. If your goal is to resolve problems, upgrade, change paths, or explore a new area of interest, we can assist you by developing solutions that meet your objectives.

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UN Biodiversity for Development

royal Ontario museum

US Fish & Wildlife service


Norwegian Aid People

General Electric





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