February 26, 2016

Who We Are


We strive to evolve into a leading global strategic consulting firm.


The Key Group’s mission is bigger and broader than ever. Our primary function is to provide outstanding consulting services to our clients.

About Us

The Key Group International is a strategic political and corporate consulting firm.

We provide exceptional advice for governments and corporations. We are innovative and constructive problem solvers. Our attention centers upon our clients whose success is our priority. We pay extra attention to their needs and provide them with the best solutions.

Our contemporary world constantly changes, and so, too, are governments and corporations in continuous flux. Such perpetual fluctuations can trouble, exhaust and even impede success. Survival and growth depend upon coping with such change. The Key Group knows how to grapple with the difficult and perplexing political and corporate issues of our time. We know how to step into a particularly challenging position and think of a problem in terms of total concepts, set priorities, and plan for tangible and practical actions.

The Key Group is best prepared to deal with political and corporate hurdles. Where others see complexity, we see opportunity and success. We are experts in what entangles policy makers and businesses. We identify problems, originate ideas, and formulate methodologies and robust strategies that provide actual results. Most importantly, we know how to accelerate our learning and quickly adapt to any new environment and circumstance. When it comes to difficult times or complicated situations, we probe even deeper and do whatever it takes reconcile difficulties and provide a range of options and best solutions.

We are unique in our craft. We do not compromise in our professionalism. We maintain strict professional boundaries and abide rigorously to our work ethic, while being humanly decent, respectful, tolerant, benevolent and friendly. In short, we maintain the delicate balance between work and our human relationships.

The Key Group strongly adheres to core ethical values: trust, professional integrity, credibility, fidelity, confidentiality, responsibility, and best quality service. We maximize financial profits, but not at the expense of our values and clients’ satisfaction. We are the people that you can rely on. Engage us in your assignment with confidence. You will never regret your decision.

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